Community within register based research

The purpose of the GitHub community Registerresearch is to share and jointly develop the code and experiences related to register-based research, mainly Swedish population based registries. The service contains no personal information, but aims to share code to work on all the data which you may have access to for research purposes. All researchers should be encouraged to contribute to and participate in the community so that everyone can benefit from finding useful code, solutions and examples.

Registerresearch contains groups (respositories) organized around:

  1. Registers. Should contain libraries like "DOR" (Causes of Death Register) or "LISA", (Longitudinal Integration Database for Sickness Insurance and Labor Market Studies). Program code and information on work on a specific register.
  2. Software. Should contain libraries for program code written in a specific software (SAS; SPSS, R, EXcel, etc.) 
  3. Topic. Should contain program code on specific topics pertaining to data management (cleaning, such as elminating double entries, checking data, such as correction of dates, civic registration numbers, merging different registers, etc) or methodology (survival analysis, measuring labor market attachment over time, etc).

A program will normally be part of more than one library in registerresearch. For general code or questions there is a general repository called "Registry based research" as well.

How to use Registerresearch?

Register as a member for free on GitHub. To join Registerresearch, send your username on GitHub to one of the contact persons (below) and you will be registered so that you can contribute to the different groups.

Record Research is currently under development, please help us to with the project by sending ideas and comments to the contact persons. The service is provided by the Swedish National Data Service, University of Gothenburg as part of SIMSAM INFRA project, which aims to build infrastructure for register-based research.