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These surveys are the products of a unique program of crossnational and crosstemporal social science research. The effort began in early 1970, when the Commission of the European Community sponsored simultaneous surveys of the publics of the European Community. These surveys were designed to measure public awareness of, and attitudes toward, the Common Market and other European Community institutions, in complementary fashion. They also probed the goals given top priority for one's own nation. These concerns have remained a central part of the European Community's research efforts -- which were carried forward in the summer of 1971 with another six-nation survey that gave special attention to agricultural problems. These themes were of central interest again in a survey of the publics of the European Community countries -- then nine in number -- carried out in September 1973. After 1973, the surveys took on a somewhat broader scope in content as well as in geographical coverage, with measures of subjective satisfaction and the perceived quality of life becoming standard features of the Europea

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Konsumtion och konsumentbeteende, Miljö och naturvård, Internationell politik och organisationer, Specifika sjukdomar, störningar och medicinska tillstånd, Kost och näring, HANDEL, INDUSTRI OCH MARKNADER, Allmän hälsa och välbefinnande (CESSDA Topic Classification)


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