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Göteborgs universitet

Information about GDP per capita; GDP growth; total public expenditure as percent of GDP; percent public consumption; gini coefficient for equivalent disposable income; percent imports from developing countries; inflatio...

  • Björn Gustafsson, Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för socialt arbete
  • Mats Johansson, Institutet för framtidsstudier
Publicerad: 2004

Statistiska centralbyrån

This file consists of an excerpt from the census of population and housing 1980. The following information is included: year of birth, gender, parish, working hours per week, and occupational categories.

  • Statistiska centralbyrån
Publicerad: 1994

Statistiska centralbyrån

Data of Demography 1970 consists of three excerpts from the Census of the Population 1970. The first part is a description of the total population by age, marital status and sex with one record/county, administrative dis...

  • Statistiska centralbyrån
Publicerad: 1987