Swedish National Data Service

SND is an infrastructure for Swedish research within the humanities, social sciences and health sciences. SND helps Swedish and international researchers gain access to existing data within and outside of Sweden. SND provides support and guidance to researchers throughout the entire research process. As the Swedish node in an international network of data archives, the organisation is an important part of the research infrastructure.

Make Research Data Accessible

By making your research data available, you facilitate new research, avoid duplication of work and contribute with important resources for teaching. Use SND's web form to describe your research material and upload files directly. Alternatively, you can send in only the description. In either case, after review, the research material will be searchable and visible in SND's web catalogue. If you choose to deposit the research data, they will get a DOI (a unique link) can be added to a reference.



CESSDA is recruiting a director

CESSDA, an umbrella organisation for data archives across Europe, is recruiting a new director. The...
[22 Aug 2016]

SND acquirers the Data Seal of Approval

  SND has been awarded with the Data Seal of Approval. Click on the seal for more info.
[27 Jul 2016]

New SOM data published concerning Swedes abroad

About half a million Swedish citizens live abroad. The “SOM survey to Swedes living abroad” focuses...
[31 May 2016]



[8 Nov 2016 to 11 Nov 2016]

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