DORIS Makes It Easier to Share Data through SND

Published: 2020-05-19

Today we launch a new, cohesive system which makes it easier for researchers to disseminate data through SND. The tool, called DORIS (the SND Data Organisation and Information System), is one of several large-scale development projects in which SND collaborates with researchers and staff in the local data support units (DAU) in Swedish higher education institutions.

DORIS is the name of the new SND tool for disseminating research data.DORIS is a tool that can be used throughout the process of making research data accessible: from describing research data to ordering data for re-use or review. The development of the system has been divided into several phases.

A collective workspace

—What we have done in this first phase, which has now been completed, is to merge the old data description web form with the internal SND data management system. By doing so we have created a collective workspace which you can access and use by logging in to it. From this space you get a direct connection between various functions, such as DORIS and the research data catalogue. The workspace is adjusted to whether you are a researcher or work with research data support, says Sara Svensson, Research Data Advisor in SND and one of the DORIS project leaders.

One of the new functions in DORIS is that both researchers and staff in the units for research data support (DAU) in Swedish HEIs can update and edit existing data descriptions. In the previous, separated, system, editing was possible for SND staff only. Another new function is that the local DAU can now enter who reviews the uploaded research data, which makes it clearer for researchers as well as for DAU staff who is doing what. There is also a possibility for local DAU staff to issue pre-booked DOIs.

The importance of improved usability

—The contents of the web form where researchers describe data are pretty much the same as before, but we've updated the help texts, improved the keyword search function, and have tried to improve the usability. We have also made a direct connection to the SND research data catalogue so you can see your catalogue post develop, which will also give a better overview of the process, says Sara Svensson.

In phase two of the DORIS project, new functions will be launched as they are developed. The close collaboration between researchers and DAU staff will also continue.

–User comments really are central to this process. We’ve had terrific help from our reference groups, for instance in identifying possible development areas and in finding bugs in the system, says Sara Svensson.

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