SND drop-in


One Tuesday every month we host an SND drop-in session, which is a widened and more general discussion forum than the previous DORIS drop-in sessions. Discussions will be based on the questions that the participants bring to the meeting, and there will be representatives from various roles in the SND office present (e.g. the DORIS team, IT, research data advisors, PID contacts). If you have any bigger or more complicated questions, feel free to contact us before the session.  

For this drop-in, we are prepared to answers any questions you may have about how SND works with PID identifiers, DataCite, and other PID-related issues.

For IT-specific questions, we still host separate IT drop-in sessions. 

These drop-in sessions are opportunities for you who work in a DAU function or with related issues.
Coming sessions for spring 2021: 9 March, 13 April, 11 May, and 8 June.

You are welcome to drop by with your questions! No registration needed.


Where?  The drop-in sessions are virtual and take place on Zoom. You can find a link to the meeting room on the SND network Basecamp site.

When?  09:00–10:00 

For questions about the drop-in sessions, please contact Sara Svensson on