Evaluation of the commune reapportionment reform

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In December 1978 the Parliament decided to appropriate funds for a scientific evaluation of the consequences of the reapportionment reform for local self-government. The evaluation was to be carried out in accordance with the research program entitled "Evaluation of the Commune Reapportionment Reform" (DsKn 1978:5) which was worked out by the Commission on Local Democracy.

The research program was divided into three major sub-programs:

Sub-program I was concerned with the input side of the analytical model. Three projects take up the significant channels between the people and the local political system, i.e. the mass media, political parties, and organizations. It has seemed natural to include in the mass media project a study of public information on local issues. A fourth project in this sub-program sums up public activity via the various channels.

Sub-program II was concerned with the center of the political system. It is there the demands and desires concerning communal activity are considered and decisions made. The principal

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Working conditions, Government, political systems and organisations, Media, DEMOGRAPHY (POPULATION, VITAL STATISTICS, AND CENSUSES), Economic conditions and indicators, Housing, Employment, Elections, Political behaviour and attitudes, Political ideology, Community, urban and rural life, Land use and planning, Information society, Minorities (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

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