Swedish Election Studies - European parliament elections

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The collection Swedish Election Studies - European parliament elections contains election studies carried out in connection to the elections. The main subject of the survey was the European Union and the respondent´s attitudes toward the Swedish EU membership.

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Political behaviour and attitudes, Elections, Government, political systems and organisations, International politics and organisations (CESSDA Topic Classification)
Social Sciences, Political Science (The Swedish standard of fields of research 2011)

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Gilljam, M., & Holmberg, S. (1998) Sveriges första Europaparlamentsval. Stockholm: Norstedts juridik. ISBN: 91-39-20116-3.
ISBN: 91-39-20116-3

Holmberg, Sören et al. (2001) EuropaOpinionen. Göteborg: Department of Political Science. ISBN: 91-89246-02-0.
ISSN: 0347-9366
ISBN: 91-89246-02-0

Oscarsson, H., & Holmberg, S. (2006) Europaval. Göteborg : Department of Political Science, Univ. ISBN: 91-89246-27-6.
ISBN: 91-89246-27-6
ISSN: 0347-9366

Oscarsson, Henrik & Sören Holmberg (red) (2010). Väljarbeteende i Europaval. University of Gothenburg: Department of Political Science. ISBN: 978-91-89246-49-2.
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ISBN: 978-91-89246-49-2