The Swedish Literature Bank

SND-ID: EXT 0050

Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Mats Malm - University of Gothenburg, Department of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion


The Literature Bank allows you to read and search the texts, download and print PDF files and to look at facsimile images of books and manuscripts that might otherwise be hard to find. For e-book readers and mobile phones there are also EPUB files available.
The Literature Bank also offers authoritative overviews and presentations of various authorships and disciplines. The aim is to develop the Literature Bank into a website that holds the key works in Swedish literature: new texts are generally added monthly.
The literature bank is also, in cooperation with various publishing projects, developing tools and infrastructure for publishers who work with or plan to start publishing various works and authors. Primarily the Literature Bank is cooperating with the Selma Lagerlöf Archive and with the publishing of the sermons of Esaias Tegnér.


The aim of the Swedish Literature Bank is to be a free cultural-historical and literary resource for research, teaching and popular education. It is meant for all: scientists, teachers and students as well as those with a general interest in literatu

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Research principal

University of Gothenburg

Responsible department/unit

Department of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion

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Geographic location: Sweden


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Published: 2012-01-01
Last updated: 2017-01-03