Swedish Cohort Consortium (Cohorts.se)

Cohorts.se is a Swedish cohort study collaboration created to build a national technical and collaborative infrastructure. The long-term scientific goal for this infrastructure is to facilitate greater use of Swedish cohorts for the exploration of risk factors for uncommon diseases.
Sweden is a country with unique opportunities for epidemiological research and has a large variety of high-quality mandatory national sociodemographic and medical registries, covering the whole population since many decades. The merging of several cohorts creates opportunities for safer research, which is of greater benefit to both patients and the public. This allows research on rare diseases that currently is either impossible or way too costly to implement. The goal of this consortium is to establish a common infrastructure for all Swedish prospective population-based cohorts, aiming to support all aspects of cohort operations and collaborative activities.


Current studies in Cohorts.se

Contact, Cohorts.se:
Johan Sundström, Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University